Monday, September 27, 2010

Step two: Place science in a large bowl, add water, mix, and enjoy!

I just posted my second topic video on YouTube, where I bring a camera into lab to show everyone a sample of what I do in lab.

Last week I ran a gel to check on my DNA sequences yielded from gel purifying double digests. That is, I used enzymes to cut my plasmids, circular rings of DNA, which I then separated on an electrophoretic gel. I cut out my desired pieces of DNA, purified them, and then ran them on a second gel, which I show in the video.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Diatoms, Although Very Small And Lack Cute Babies, Deserve To Be Researched Too!

Here is the beginning of my blog! While a majority of my blogging will be done through YouTube, I'll be sure to post some journaling and pictures here, in addition to keeping a Twitter account, which you can see on the upper right hand corner of this blog here.

This first video gives you an idea of what I do here at Clark as a science student. It's exciting stuff! At the end of that video there's a second video I posted, giving you and idea of who I am.