Sunday, March 25, 2012

untitled post but there are pictures!

Nearly four years ago, my friends Emily (center) and Nikki (right) and I would meet on the green and have takeout lunches from the Bistro. I would always get a grilled cheese with fries (which I'd eat with a combination of ketchup and mayo) and a Dr. Pepper. After admittedly an up and down freshman year at Clark, the warm spring weather was met with open arms and made us all feel whole again after a long, cold winter. While this past winter was not nearly as cold, last week's warm weather was still appreciated. While we didn't have lunch on the green in the picture above, it still reminded me very much of those times four years ago, which I think of very fondly.

A summery kind of picture taken in March. The sight of green grass and budding flowers is a sight for sore eyes!
A sort of random place for me to take a picture, but this isn't the first time I've taken a shot of the sunset from this spot. Going back up the hill from Shrewsbury to Worcester, this shot usually is quite pretty by the time I've finished my weekly Friday grocery shopping at Trader Joe's.
From the bridge going back into Worcester from Shrewsbury. Crew clubs often practice on this river which is pretty cool to see.
Fig. 1 - I am such a nerd.
This is what my desk has looked like as of late. Papers, notebooks, and lab manuals everywhere. I can't get away from it! Gahhhhh!

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