Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clark Spring (where have you gone?)

Awesome weather.
March 30th, 2012 – Jonas Clark, Red Square, Jefferson.
So we were super lucky to get about 10 days of awesome early spring weather.

Our normal spring weather.

I mean, some of the weather we got felt like early summer. But, living in New England we should have known it wasn't going to stick around forever.

Unfortunately, our glorious spring weather has disappeared and no traces of its existence have been seen since. Aside from the early budding and flower blooming (which has been slowed down considerably during this "cold snap"), one wouldn't have known about our nice early spring.

This week the weather should return to sunny weather with highs around the 50s which is much more tolerable. The sun has returned as seen in the above picture of Red Square, and that is always appreciated. But now that things are going to be getting really crazy work-wise on the Clark campus, I'm not so sure I'm going to be able to welcome the spring weather once it returns for good.

I've now tacked on a draft of a post I was supposed to post about two weeks after this original post:

In practicing for my upcoming presentations this month, I have simultaneous powerpoint presentations running to mimic an actual presentation where I have Presenter Tools running on my laptop and the "presentation screen" running on my desktop computer. I'm pretty silly/nerdy.
A panning shot of the first floor to the third floor of Lasry (the bio building) late at night.

Planning out some science (with my undergraduate students).
Downing Street will be soon turned into walking plaza (and is now closed to traffic), so a Clark student spray painted a sweet mural.
(The view from Wright Hall; Atwood Hall is in the background.)

While the weather has been kinda crappy recently in Worcester, we have had a few nice sunsets.

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