Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things are starting to wind down

The past few days have been kinda slow–but that really awesome kind of slow. The kind of slow where I can take things at an enjoyable pace.

I submitted a second draft of my Master's thesis to my adviser this morning. Once she looks over that, I'll make the necessary changes before I send my thesis to my committee. After I submit my thesis to my committee, I'll be working on my defense presentation. I hope to have my powerpoint almost done before I get back my thesis from my adviser. This would allow me to make minor changes and practice my defense heaps and heaps between submitting my thesis to my committee and giving my defense.

Between there and now, I'll also be doing some bench work trying to get my diatoms in working order for future experiments.

In other news, my supervisor Wendy, who has been advising my work study projects for Clark from blogging to video blogging to Clark videos to photography gave me this sweet travel mug as a parting gift! Such a sweet idea, I know.
Even though I won't be moving out until the end of May, I've been eager to start packing a little bit. As a result, my room has been a complete mess of late. It goes through cycles of being very tidy and very messy, at a high rate of turnover. One of my Australian mates had this to say on the Facebook:
Facebook lolz. My room has been a mess because I've been doing some early packing.
While a little breezy, we had some really nice weather today. As such, I decided to take some pictures:

A second mural was painted on Downing St., which is going to be turned into a walking mall. You should check out that link–it talks about the major improvements the Clark campus will experience in the next few months/years. I'm really excited about them all!

Here's another (new) shoot of the first mural, on the corner of Downing and Woodland streets. Atwood is in the background.

This is a shot I've been wanting to take for a while. Below is Estrabrook Hall, on the corner of Woodland and Charlotte streets.

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