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If you've made it to this blog I'd say I'm excited to say the least. This blog chronicles my life at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. As a Master's biology student, I do a lot of science work. I'm in the lab quite often and get to do cool experiments that most of my classmates don't have the privilege of doing.

But sometimes I get out of the lab and doing things. I love to take pictures and post things on Twitter.

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Oh, and this blog was in the paper!

About me:
I'm a 22-year-old biology graduate student at Clark University, where I recently received my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science within the Conservation Biology track. My general interests within biology span across ecology, evolution, and environmental biology. Specifically, I am really interested in symbiotic relationships, population genetics, coral reef ecology and the effects of global climate change on marine ecosystems.
Most of my studies to this point have focused on terrestrial and marine ecosystems. In addition to introductory biology and chemistry, I have taken classes in Evolution, Ecology, Forest Ecology, Ecology of Infectious Disease, Population Genetics, Microbiology, Marine Biology, Plant Diversity Marine Science, Topics in Marine Biology, and Animal Behavior. I also have a strong sense for environmental issues strengthened by my outreach into Pollutants in Human Environment, Sustainability Science, Environmental Politics, Earth Systems Science, and Introduction to Hydrology. Growing up I was a political science buff (I wrote an honors thesis in high school about political election reform and even won an award for it), which has translated into fighting for the environment. While I've been a vegetarian for the past three years as part of my own effort to reduce my carbon footprint, I'm really not the activist type. However, it is my goal to become a conservation biologist.

As I said, I'm a graduate student at Clark now--a Master's student in Clark's accelerated 5th year program. I work with Deb Robertson in the Marine Biology lab on campus. My research experience at Clark has given me some great lab and research skills which I hope to continue next year in a Ph.D. program.

I went to Perth, Australia for the Spring 2010 semester (I wrote a blog, not affiliated with this blog mind you, right here). It was pretty darn awesome. I met some kangaroos and went to a lot of pretty beaches. I unfortunately met and left a best friend back in the land down under, but I'm trying to get him to study in Boston one of these years.

Aside from school, I really like the outdoors but don't take advantage of going outside nearly enough. Coming from a small rural town in New Hampshire I've come to love the woods and the foliage of the fall season, which means I get particularly excited come mid-September when hints of autumn buzz around. In addition to the outdoors, I like sports a bunch too. I'm an avid Red Sox fan and like the Patriots well enough too. I grew up playing soccer, so I have a soft spot for the New England Revolution too. My new favorite sport is Australian Rules Football (called footy by the Aussies), which is a fast-paced version of rugby minus the stupid brute strength plus crazy athleticism. I watched a few games on TV when I was in Australia, saw the home opener of our local team (The Fremantle Dockers). I also played a bit with my study abroad friends and had a blast.

That's... pretty much all you need to know. Oh, I wear skinny jeans. There you go.
Peace to you and your ancestors (LOL Jangdor Swiftstrider reference FTW)
- Dylan